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    Did you find a bug? post it here.



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    Here you can post about your favourite flights!

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    A new verision of our previosly available package Night Sky Enchancement will be released when the new version of the Societ Islands. It is close to its release and will include new textures of the Milky Way with more resolution (from 2048 pixels increase to 4096), a palette of five colors to choose from and a brighter alternative variant for each…[Read more]

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    This remote atoll located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and the French Polynesia is our next freeware scenery and is still in an early stage but we can see here the first shots:





  • This magical place is among our next developments. Extending in the east coast of Australia along 2.000 km, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest structure in the world made by living organisms and it can be seen from outer space.


    So far I have completed half of the water masks as you can see in the screenshots below. The final version will…[Read more]

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    After the release of the vegetation autoGen that is currently available as a Beta, the plan is to improve its boundaries, add more details and merge with the buildings autogen that is on its way, as you can see below:



    Note that the buildings types and textures don´t match very well with this area because the screenshots were…[Read more]

  • It´s been a while since the last news about this scenery, this year I’ve been very busy and there were some setbacks, but we have some interesting news about the French Polynesia.


    I´ve increased all the textures resolution and details x3. This is most noticeable in the closer details, here I include some pics to compare the current version wit…[Read more]

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    Forum rules:


    • Try to keep the thread on the topic of conversation, and not into issues not directly related to the original.
    • Take care of orthography, it is important for the others to understand us and serves as example.
    • When disagreeing with others’ opinions, keep it appropriate and polite.
    • Offensive o…

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