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    It´s been a while since the last news about this scenery, this year I’ve been very busy and there were some setbacks, but we have some interesting news about the French Polynesia.


    I´ve increased all the textures resolution and details x3. This is most noticeable in the closer details, here I include some pics to compare the current version with the new HD one (click to enlarge):



    This new textures are already completed for the whole archipelago, it only remains to to fit the new sizes and compile them in the simulator.


    Also for this new release I´m going to include the new lights that I announced some time ago and release at the same time than the new version of Night Sky HD textures that is almost ready, with the intention of also improving the experience of the night flights:



    As I also want to keep improving the airports and other details, during this time I have been looking for a 3D modeler but without luck, so recently I started a 3DS Max course to improve this area by myself…


    Have a nice weekend!


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