Jewels 1

The Society Islands

This archipelago of the French Polynesia, is made up of 14 islands of peerless beauty.

Jewels 2

Hawaii Photoreal

Don´t forget to dance the hula with a lei and a chilled drink.

Jewels 3

Hawaii Plus

Hawaii on steroids.

Jewels 4

Society Islands Air Traffic

Populate this archipelago with international and inter-islands air traffic.

Jewels 5

Hawaiian Airports by George Keogh

Thirteen airports modeled in great detail within this archipelago.

Jewels 6

Tropical Autogen

Recolored autogen vegetation for the tropical areas, and custom HD buildings and palm trees textures.

Jewels 7

Night Sky HD

The night, full of asteroids.

Jewels 8

Ocean hues

Tired of the darkish vanilla oceans? Try this!

Jewels 9


Try our addons, many are available for free!

Jewels 10


Scattered throughout the oceans.